queen size memory foam mattressQueen Size memory foam mattress – Thanks NASA

We all want to get a good a good night sleep. Who doesn’t? The less we sleep, the grumpier we become. Did you know that sleep deprivation is a big factor in highway accidents; aside from recklessness and DUI? Even world disasters – sleep deprivation was one of the factors that caused the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Have you ever had a day when you just can’t sleep properly because of the discomfort?


Memory foam mattresses are now extremely popular. Thanks to NASA, they’ve created this viscos-elastic foam that contours well with the body.  With this technology comes many different sizes and features among these memory foams. One of which is the queen size memory foam mattress. How can this benefit you and how can this improve your sleep and not hurt your savings?


First there is No Tossing and Turning in the middle of the night. You know the times when you have to “partially” wake up just to shift positions? That’s tossing and turning. This usually occurs when there’s uneven blood flow to certain parts of your body. This is common with side sleepers. Their arms or legs will feel slightly numb and they tend to shift positions. Queen size memory foam mattresses reduce the pressure points and give you undisturbed and heavenly sleep.


Much like That “floating” feeling. Queen size memory foam mattresses give you a whole new definition of comfort when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. It’s like lying down in quicksand (of course you won’t sink, suffocate and die) and it’s a completely different feeling though at the same time. Gradually, you’ll feel the memory foam take shape and follow the contour of your body.


Look ‘Ma, No Springs! Unlike the usual inner spring mattress, Queen Size memory foams don’t have springs. If you don’t believe us (and if you have a fat wallet), buy a queen size memory foam mattress and cut it up and see for yourself, just kidding. Also it impressively does not show any signs of deforming even though you’ve been using it for a long time. No matter what body type you have, the memory foam takes its contour and turns back to original form after usage. On the other hand, springs lose their strength which results to a deformed mattress.


Less Hassle in Moving/Transport. It is terribly hard to move around the usual spring mattress beds. Going around a corner or a turn in the stairs is a torture. We can’t just simply bend the mattress because it gets deformed and you can then say goodbye to your warranty. Queen size memory foam mattresses are flexible and can be bent without the risk of damage. Hurray for a warranty that stays valid.

Queen Size memory foam mattress- After all she is the Queen

And lastly with the name itself “Queen Size memory foam mattress” indicates that it has a lot more space to sleep on.

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